Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Sender

 That was Monday. I startled when I turned on my cellphone, two texts filled into my inbox from unknown texter. I immediately read her message and I figured out that the texter is a female because she put her name at the last part of her message. It was kinda awkward to read the message that goes like this, “I miss you a lot..hope you still remember me. Rhose”

   I begun to think about who is this unfamiliar girl who texted me with endearment and sweet messages because I am not used of receiving messages like this. It sounds so ridiculous. She’s funny i thought or maybe she just accidentally wrong sent her message to my number, since I have no load balance that time, I decided not to reply and just ignore her text message. Not thinking that it will happen again, for the very second time.

  A week after, I was rushing down stairs because I was getting late to my work, since, my schedule was in the night shift, i decided to ride a cab, in order for me to arrive in the office within 30 minutes. Later inside the cab, i checked my cell phone for the messages that my friends send me. Only to choked me up, while reading the last part of her message “…This is the last time i will text you .Goodbye. Rhose” huh! it was absurd to receive a message from a woman who I never knew from the start, who bids goodbye to me even that we never met before, I got an idea to call her since I was able to load up my cell phone that morning.

The number that I was calling was inactive. It means, it was not existing or it never existed at all,  how come that with just a few minutes ago somebody texted me using this number but with just a few minutes later i couldn't even contact the number? what the hell is that? I got confused….

On the last day of that month, again, i was just about to go to the office when somebody texted me, once again, new number from unfamiliar texter. Her message goes like this “…you told me you love me but you never show it.  You told me you gonna give your life to me, but you refuse it… then you didn’t love me…i will show you what true love means, within an hour or two.bye.rhose” Damn!!! Who are you, i thought…

After two days, I decided to go back to the cellphone manufacturer to update my information but I learned something that shocked me most...

When I got there, i talked to the girl who previously helped me when i was still purchasing my cellphone. She asked me if i was the same guy who purchased that phone with free simcard last month, and i said, YES i was… She was shocked, she looked at me keenly, and i began to wonder, and i asked her why… only to realized that i made the craziest damn thing in world…she told me a story….

She told me, that the simcard that I am using was not the simcard that I supposed to have. It was accidentally swapped with the simcard of the other guy who was there also that time. She admitted that she didn't notice that the simcard she inserted to my new purchased phone was not the original sim that I supposed to have. She told me that the girlfriend of that guy committed suicide. That girlfriend has been texting her (which i received the texts since i was using the sim) boyfriend about her pregnancy and if that guy will not respond, she will commit suicide. Since, the girl is residing in Davao (she went back to davao before she found out that she was pregnant) and that guy is residing in Manila.

The girl also told me that the guy has no other way to communicate with his girlfriend because his simcard was lost. The girlfriend took 50 sleeping pills and she died within two hours after she texted me.

I cried. Feeling guilty.


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