Tuesday, May 6, 2014

reposting : Sometime in my Life

  I could still remember the first day we've met. I was so happy that time. Before I was stuck in a reality that I am a loser, no one really likes me. They say that I am nothing. But because of your comfort and advice, I moved from sunken spirit to the top. You taught me how to fight so I learned. You taught me how to stand on my own. Then we became close friends. You said, you'll never leave me. We're like brothers. Perhaps, like a twin. I am so grateful to have you, as my best friend.

   Time passed by, I never thought that our friendship would end up this way. A drastic truth unfolded that you were diagnosed positive to leukemia. I was shocked. I never failed to visit you to the hospital. I saw you physically drained. You became pale and thin. It hurts me seeing you like that. But despite of this, I still saw the real you, humble, kind and most of all, God-fearing. I still remember your soft voice saying " Don't forget me my friend, have faith with God always. Just stay with Him and I will stay in your heart. Don't cry when I'm gone." Those were the last few words you told me. Then your eyes began to close slowly as if you would only want to sleep. I ran out of the hospital because I knew you left me already. I cried a lot. Now, I'm alone.

     Two years had passed, but I still long for you. My tears began to fall again . I am reminiscing the last few months we've been together, before you left. Those times that we shared while we were taking the long journey of life. It is a very special memory from a friend like you. I am so lucky to have met you, some time in my life.


  1. Awww... ang sad naman po :(

    Wherever he is right now, I believe he is happy now looking over you :)

    Continue lng sa buhay... it's okay na bumalik minsan sa nakaraan pero wag nyo itong gawing tambayan hehe. I'm sure, ayaw din ng inyong kaibigan na makitang nalulungkot kayo.


  2. yeah! I'm sure is happy wherever he is right now. sheers!

    btw, thanks for dropping at my blog

  3. awts...ang sad naman nun... :(

  4. I hope a friend of urs could read dis ..

  5. Sad... Tama si Kulapitot I hope he could read this so he'll know you have never forgotten him.

  6. thanks all, may bumi-visit pa pala dito hehehe salamat po ^_^ sana nga mabasa nya kaso scary... hehe

  7. I feel sad. He's in a peaceful peace right now. I know he will not forget you. It's scary if he reads this, but it is scarier if he reply

    1. hahaha ^_^ correct ty AnonymousBeki

  8. Hola! Matagal ko na napapansin pagdalaw mo sa blog ko. Salamat! I appreciate it.. At ang lungkot naman ng kwento mo.. Pero I know there is a purpose kung bakit mo siya nakalimutan, at alam ko malungkot, but hopefully hindi masayang ang purpose niya sa buhay mo...