Saturday, February 15, 2014

Juan : The Winning Life Survivor

         "His name is Juan. He was raised in a not so well-off family. His father is a farmer in the province and his mother worked as a house servant. They are struggling in their daily meal. He feels that they are helpless. They know that he can't finish his studies but he is persistent. His father is opposing him to go to school because they lack of financial means but he is not giving up. He is fighting for his future, and for his family too. He went to the city to rear up himself with full of convictions. He knows that he can survive the trials they are facing. He knows that still there is an ample light in the middle of the tunnel and he will use it to lighten up the way till he reach the end. He is an optimist. A life activist. He will painstakingly do everything to survive the battle. He knows he will survive. That was 20 years ago.

   His name is Juan. He was raised in a not so well-off family but he never lose hope. He strove hard to attained the life he wanted to achieve. Now he is going back home to his country. Taking all the labor of his hardships.  He went abroad for work. It's been awhile since he left and he never seen his family for few years. They may not recognize him anymore because he has changed.  He knew it was hard, but he made it. He was emotionally battered but he won over all those different predicaments in life, alone. He was tortured, emotionally, so he knows now how to deal with them. He is like a soldier who withstand all the battle. He can say that he is so strong like a warrior. An invincible. He defied trials. He is a battle survivor. "

    Being an expat worker, like Juan, who were struggling in life, giving up is not an option. We have to motivate ourselves and try to uplift our spirits to liberate ourselves from the bondage of poverty. Take a big leap forward. I know, it's hard sometimes, but once we stumble and fail, try one step backward and push yourself up forcefully. Then the rest  depends on the Almighty. Most of us gave up easily when problem strikes us hard but being an individual who has faith with Him, everything is possible. Everything can be obtain with His Grace and Glory. Just trust Him and everything will be as  smooth-sailing as we wanted it to be.

Disclaimer: The photo used are not owned by the author. These photos are conspicuously scattered all over the web, I assume I could use them for my blog. If I offended you please lemme know

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