Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I will be better tomorrow

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  Spending your time alone helps you think and ponder things out. Last night as I worked on my computer in my room. I realized how important for an individual to make plans. I never had any plans for the past years, that might be the reason I haven't attained the goals that I've wanted to achieve. Funny it seems but it is a serious matter for an expat like us who basically have limited time to stay in a country we work in. It is necessary that we plan not only for ourselves but of course to our loved ones. Moreover, in my own personal view, planning has something to do with changes. We couldn't carry out plans unless we do changes to what we are and what we have. We should hold plans and changes together to meet whatever we want to achieve. If plans can't be carried out because of some reasons. Do minor changes then apply it for the better execution of your plans.     
       I would like to share you the changes that I wanna apply to become a better expat worker. These are the Top 5 on my list that I really want to practice this new year, and hopefully to take the full responsibility by standing it fairly. This may not catch your interest but try to read and go on. This might help you somehow.

      So there you go...

  1.  Be more Optimistic. Positive outlook in life repels negativity. They say that 'smile is contagious' so why don't we give it to others to spread positive aura to them? Whatever problems we have, just face it and for sure, it will just pass by.  So why worry? Don't let negativity succumb you. Just smile and let God lead the way. As what the song says "Que Sera Sera" (Whatever will be, will be). Besides, nothing happens unless permitted by the Almighty.
  2. Just be Myself.  Hiding my "real me" affects my personal development as an individual. Sometimes I noticed myself trying to be somebody which is far from being the real me  and it affected the decisions I made in the past. That may not be a good thing though. Besides, I know how difficult it seems to me to be like "this way". So, why should I keep hiding if I could flaunt myself and show others the real me? I am sick and tired of living inside the chest.
  3. Go to Gym to workout. Before I had planned to go out for gym. I  was too lazy to spend even an hour for workout hahaha. Our work starts in the early morning and ends approximately 6 pm in the evening, with some of my colleagues, we go to the gym almost everyday. Now, I have already listed it to be one of my "must do" in 2014 .
  4. Eat Healthy Food. I believed that the best way to practice patience is to control yourself from eating much food. The more fatty the food is, the more delicious it may seem to our tastes. So try to restraint yourself from eating those high cholesterol and fatty food. That may lead you to obesity and  gives you serious diseases. I read that fiber rich food may also help you maintain good metabolism and burns fat and cholesterol in our body. Well, if eating too much is a crime, I may be one of the world's sought after criminal.
  5.  Save! Save & Save. The four-letter word that is so difficult to do. This may be at the top of my  priority this year. It has been 5 years since I started working abroad but now I haven't got any  investment for my future. I realized how really important to leave some amount in my pocket for savings. Besides, nothing is permanent in this world while we're young we need to work hard so if the retirement age has come, we can settle back to our country without hesitation and worries. I figured out that "one who saves for the future is the one who has the most-matured ways of living" it means that they know how to spend a single penny from their pocket.  So if they can saved, why can't I?             
    I am looking forward to make these things happened but it is still depends on my own perspective if i will be going to pursue this changes for myself. Changes may not always be equated with improvements, indeed, but at least we have tried. It could be for the better or for the worse but with prayers and determination every single plans that we want to accomplish will be carried out the way we want it to be. And of course with the aid of the Almighty, everything will be as smooth and as simple as it should be.

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