Friday, February 7, 2014

The Expat's Boss


       When 'the expat' heard the news that his boss is leaving, He jumped out of his chair and felt relieved. At last, his 'pain in the butt' burden in the office is about to end because his boss is stepping out of their office. He was not the only one who is 'celebrating' but almost all of employees. All victims of his not so-good attitude.

        Their company is dominated by "KN Nationals". (Just to keep this people private I will just use some abbreviation and some slang term.) They came from the region near where Filipinos came from. They have intimidating looks with white-smoothed skin and most of them have good-shaped physique. They are hardworking clan of warriors as what they claimed. And his boss - He prefer to call him Mr. D. Nobody knows that he call him that way because  he wanna keep it himself privately. It isn't his intention to diminish the reputation of his boss but he would just like to express what he feels towards him.
          'The Expat is new in the company for just 8 months now. He knows it's radical in his part to give 'a**-hole' comments about his boss because they barely knew each other. They haven't even spoke a lot. Actually, He will never try to again cos he feels cold and aloof to him. Why? It happened on his first day at work.
      He remember the first day when he spoke to his boss about one issue they encountered with certain users in their support.  The boss's reaction while he was talking was indescribable. He told him about the problem because he needs help from his boss. While talking, his boss smirked and rolled his eyes and raise his right palm. (Like he was doing a face palm). His boss made a signal that he wanted him to stop, then his boss said: "STOP". He startled. He didn't know why his boss did that. It's like he is disrespecting him or something. He  didn't know if his boss understood what he said. Then the boss asked him to go back after few hours. The boss may not understood the situation after all. Why the heck he made him to stop talking? He was so furious about the gesture of his boss. So he just waited and let the hours passed.
        'The Expat' never tried to talk to his boss again but there are scenarios in the office that led a conversation to him. But he really needs to consult his boss for certain issues that they encounter in the office. He have seen how his boss approached some of his colleagues. How he sometimes shows dissatisfaction with their accomplishment. It's like they are feeding his insatiable appetite with his endless hunger. When he speaks, they should listen closely or else they  can't barely understand what his boss was saying. The fact that he can't express himself clearly by English language is also frustrating though.
       Moreover, he figured out that his boss is not trusting his expertise to the job when one day, instead of asking him to do the job at work the boss asked somebody else to do the job. His boss knew that the expat is free that time but he insisted the other person to do it because they might be better than him, possibly. That's insane he thought. In this job, nobody is better that anybody. That's why they hired them. To contribute and to help them out. Not to stick his ass on the chair.
        He can't even stand both of them inside the elevator together. Sometimes, when he find his boss inside the comfort room, he usually turn his back and walk away. If he's around  he could feel the pressure and discomfort. He is not rude. It's just that, He's not comfortable with him anymore.
      He is a tough guy. He had been into different companies and he knows how to deal with bosses and seniors, but in this case, he should have been given up. Well, not in this time because his boss is vacating the office and he is looking forward to that. In few weeks time,They will be free with his ill-mannered attitude.


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  1. Congrats the cloud that darkens your day will soon be gone. Just hope his replacement is not worse. Thanks for reading my blog!