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Just for fun: My Top 10 Favorite Animated Film Character


       Films play vital part in the growth of human society. It preeminently depicts on how human deal with their daily lives. It could be in different genres depends on the audience they entertain. Nowadays, one of the best genre of film is Animation. The advanced application of technology successfully dominated the current trends of film making hence, most of the animated film shown are box office locally and even internationally.

      The best part about animated films is that it entails lessons that suited for younger age. Moreover, the themes of these films endures the consciousness and the cognitive development of the young viewers. Each character leaves different impression to the audience. They could be in a form of human, animals or any unparalleled entities that sometimes resembles the qualities of the real human being. So, I have listed down Ten of my favorite animated film characters I adored since childhood.  I never forget most of them now that I have reached this age and perhaps until when I get old.
       This is not a film review cause I am not good at it (LOL). I just specifically defined each character and the reason why I like 'em. So here they are. Hope you like them too.

1. Chihiro/Zen (Spirited Away; 2001) - a young girl who possesses great characters. Her parents was turned into pigs as a punishment by Yubaba, a witch & a bathhouse owner in the spirit world. With Haku, she explored the magical rendezvous of spirits, witches and some earthly entities. She shows bravery, courage and love to get back her parents and returns to the human world. This film is one of the best animated film ever created and Chihiro (Zen) is on my top spot.

2.  Merida (Brave; 2012) - a free-spirited young Scotland princess who wants to follow her own path and do what she thinks is right. She loves horse back riding and archery that shouldn't be the interest of  a princess though. She completely objected the tradition of marrying the Prince of the firstborn son of nearby clan. With her archery skill, she defeated them that causes conflict with her mother, the Queen. And that's where the adventures started on.

3. Donkey (Shrek Films) - oh my favorite, the hyperactive, loyal and boisterous friend of Shrek. His epic funny lines caught my heart  so far. I love the way Eddie Murphy played the character. His voice is awesome indeed that matches the qualities of this peculiar and odd looking creature hahaha He is also the reason why I am watching Shrek and will continue to pass it on to my kids by the near future. darn out of the topic lol  ^,^

4. Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)  - A Kung-Fu master who mentored and helped Po to become the "Dragon Warrior". He's like an inch tall that possesses the full strength and power of a hundred men (seriously, an inch tall? lmao). He unexpectedly entertained the viewer by his wit, a bit sense of humor and a bit of seriousness that brought his companions closer.

5. Remy (Ratatouille; 2007) - Seriously, a rat in the kitchen, are you kidding me?  Oh no not Remy, because he seriously knows how to cook. He is gifted with a sense of taste and smell unusual to domestic pest like him. He even swept away all the best chef in the famous restaurant in France by controlling the movement of a young man by pulling his hair while hiding inside the toque. I hate rats though but when I watched this film, I begun to wonder and think if rats can really cook.. darn... wish to have a smart rat like that at home. LOL

6. Russel (Up; 2009) -  a young devout wilderness explorer that accompanied Carl Fredricksen to get to Paradise Falls. Despite his youthful innocence, he is full of convictions and so brave enough to handle obstacles along their journey. I really love his character in this film. darn! how I wish I was more of like him when I was a kiddo... LOL.. He's a true winner , who wouldn't love him though?! 

7. Minions (Despicable Me; 2010; 2013) - I love Minions  simply because they look harmless and cute  ^,^  Their careless actions seem so humorous and their endless loyalty to Gru is so impressive  how I really want to purchase collectibles of them.  ^,^

8. Cruella De Vil ( Dalmatians; 1996)   - She's a villain with finesse. Her name is an equivoque of the words cruel and devil <booooo>. A fab and glam woman like her, kidnaps dalmatian puppies to make herself a coat made of fur and add them to her collections. gosh She is so intimidating hahaha
     I remember my teacher way back then we called her Cruella because she was a terror teacher (literally she was) in our batch but she was sexy and too lovely to be hated.. geeeez!

9. Coraline Jones (Coraline; 2009) - she's curious, smart and resourceful young girl whose curiosity opened the small door leading to the Other World which is magically paralleled to the Pink Palace occupied by the duplicated tenants of the lodge including her parents. She felt really depressed and neglected by her parents so she started to wander and love the other world with her "Other Parents". This is so creepy  and slightly scary but I still love her adventures and of course, the voice behind her. ^,^ my ultimate crush - Dakota Fanning. yey

10. Maleficent ( Sleeping Beauty, 1959) - At first I doubted if Maleficent should be on my list but when I watched again the film, I realized how she worth a spot.  ^,^ The story started when an evil fairy got mad when she was not invited in the christening of Princess Aurora. The celebration turns out to be a disaster as she cast a curse to the princess but the last fairy who hasn't give the gift yet, somehow weakens the curse. The story ended up with the famous ending line - " .. and they live happily ever after"
     She's one of a kind evil fairy Godmother. Though she's a jealous fairy, I still love her strong-willed personality, standing against what she thinks is unfair, and her authoritativeness that scares people around her. Indeed it's unfair not to be invited to a kingdom-wide banquet, who wouldn't feel embarrassed and upset in her case?! My sympathy is on her though. hahaha
         Obviously I am a fan of animated films. Surely, I am enjoying watching these films again and again. Each moments gloriously rejuvenates me and helps me feel the rare joy of being youth.  Naaahh! by the way, thanks so much for reading and how I wish you like them too.

    And oh I forgot, the latest addition to my favorites is Olaf the Snowman ^,^ from the recent box-office animated film FROZEN. Darn! I laugh out loud while watching this film. I giggled most of the scenes because of his humorous acts and lines. His waggish behavior is truly appealing though. hahaha. 

   And that's it for now, hope you like it. See you in my next post.

Disclaimer : All photos used are not owned by the author. These photos are conspicuously scattered all over the web, so I assume I could use them for my blog. If I offended you, please lemme know. - 

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